A wee walk through the woods of New Zealand

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My husband didn’t propose. I called him at 1 pm on a random Tuesday and told him that I was coming to pick him up so that we could go get married. He thought I was kidding but I wasn’t. We were married in a parking lot and had cake in the back of someone’s car :)




My husband bought me the rings before he left to BMT for the Airforce<3 It was a couple months after we got married, but I told him I didn’t want one because rings don’t prove we’re married. He bought me them anyway. I have three on that finger now because while he was away he got one sent to me as a surprise :)

Awww :))


Oh my goodness, I just wanna fake an ugly wedding so I can be on his show!!! :)

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Wedding/Event Guitarist:

Hello!! I am getting married May 27, 2012 and my Fiance and I are trying to save some money for the wedding! My fiance is an AMAZING GUITARIST: acoustic, electric, whatever fits your needs and is willing to play at your wedding for really cheap! If you are interested please contact him at troywiegelguitar@gmail.com for pricing and other inquires! Thank you for supporting your fellow engaged couple :)


God Gave Me You

By Blake Shelton :)