A wee walk through the woods of New Zealand

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TV wedding: Jesse Katsopolis and Becky Donaldson from Full house


I’m probably going to get a little bit of crap for this because my husband is in his dress blues. But my husband proposed to me in the airport when he came home on leave over the summer. It was sweet and simple. And now we are happily married! :) 




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Wedding/Event Guitarist:

Hello!! I am getting married May 27, 2012 and my Fiance and I are trying to save some money for the wedding! My fiance is an AMAZING GUITARIST: acoustic, electric, whatever fits your needs and is willing to play at your wedding for really cheap! If you are interested please contact him at troywiegelguitar@gmail.com for pricing and other inquires! Thank you for supporting your fellow engaged couple :)


Less than Three by Eddplant. It’s lovely. Less Than Three is an inside joke we got from A Very Potter Sequel, as well as general Internet usage, and Edd’s song is great.