Just to preface - For anyone that has ever known Jim and I, you know that we both had always said we would never get married…and then we met each other.

It was 4th of July weekend of 2011, and both Jim and I were attending The Great Blue Heron Music Festival. Both of us had attended for the past 5 years and had certain people that we’d camp with…however, this year was different. We ended up meeting and camping together through a mutual friend. During the set of one of my favorite bands, Big Leg Emma, somehow Jim and I found ourselves dancing together. It started to rain and soon the moment caught up with us - I turned around, looked at Jim and started to ask him, “Would it be wrong to say that I want to kiss you?,” but before I could finish my sentence, he did just that.
After GBH, Jim and I found ourselves completely drawn to each other. The funny thing was, we weren’t each other’s types whatsoever, but we could not stop talking! This is not an exaggeration. We were inseparable. When we weren’t physically together, we were talking through texts or messaging. We could barely go 5 minutes without speaking. We found ourselves falling very quickly for each other…but there was a huge complication - he was leaving in less than 3 weeks to go into the Army. 
Jim and I decided to use one of our last days together exploring Zoar Valley. We hiked and swam and enjoyed the beauty that nature had to offer. We went to the waterfall, sat behind it and swam in the warm water, locked together. As we spent those moments looking at each other on that warm, sunny day, surrounded by such beauty and life, something magical happened; this everyone - this was the day we fell in love. 
The day before he left, we had went out with a friend for a few drinks. And while we had a moment alone, Jim told me that he had something he wanted to talk to me about. In so many words, he said he knew this was a tough thing to ask of me, but he wanted me to wait for him. I smiled and told him I had already decided to before he even asked - because to me, there was only him - and I was already his. I’ll never forget the smile that took over his face after that.
I went with his family to his swearing in. The night beforehand was the first we had spent apart in weeks. It was hard to let him go, but he had to leave. I waited at the airport with him, engulfed in waves of love and sadness. As I watched his plane leave - my heart dropped. He told me he loved me that night, and I knew that he was the one.
Over the course of Jim’s time in basic, I wrote him every single day - also not an exaggeration - he has enough letters from me to compile a book. In his letters to me, he’d ask me to look at the moon every night at 9pm and he promised that he would be too. This was our time together while he was away - our moments to be connected. So, by the time family day weekend rolled around - you can imagine both of our excitement. It was magical seeing him again; we couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces. But once again - Jim told me he had something he wanted to talk to me about. He spoke about being apart and what would happen when he left basic. He knew he wouldn’t be able to come back home, other than for a few days. And as he tried to find the words, I knew what he was trying to ask. 
Finally, he said, “Would it be so crazy if I said I wanted to marry you?” and I replied ”Only if I’m a little crazy too.” We were engaged - and I was absolutely beaming. 
We weren’t able to tell anyone until he graduated. As we told our families, we were met with an abundance of surprise - especially at the speed in which we were to be wed, but we were met with equal amounts of love and support.
Within a few days of his return home, Jim was already en route to his duty station - but finally, everyone knew of our engagement! I began planning as soon as I could. Our original ceremony was supposed to be immediate family and 3 friends each - which then went up to less than 50 people, which then went up to 75(ish) - and eventually came to be 115 guests. It was a tough thing to pull together in a month’s time - but everything fell into place perfectly, especially with all of the help I received from my family, my new family and my wonderful friends. 
On December 30, 2011, at 6pm,I married my soulmate. I was welcomed into his wonderful family, just as he was into mine. Many people told us we were crazy - and to be honest, we are. We’re crazy in love and crazy about each other. We recognized something in the other that was so familiar, we couldn’t help but fall in love. Every circumstance surrounding our relationship worked out perfectly, and although we’ve been faced with many challenges already, we’ve become stronger with each and every one. And everyone who sees us together can see the love that radiates between us. 
Here’s where I suppose I could say this is the end of our story - but in truth; it’s just the beginning.